That Was Before

There’s some places in my mind
I will never go again
Destination, darkness and me were never friends

Cause once upon a time
He led me down a road
Left me to die there but
That was before


Time and time again
I’d try to try again
It was like dancing in quicksand
Couldn’t reach out my hands

I couldn’t see the light
I’d already lost the war
I’d throw my hands up in the air
But that was before


I never thought that I would see those kinds of bad times
The ones that you don’t think you’ll survive
But nothing could have prepared me
I was far from ready
From what fell down, from that sky
In the blink of an eye
There went my life
It turned me upside down
And it spun me around
And I didn’t think that I could get myself back off the ground


Ohh, ohhh
Ohh, ohhh


I’m so grateful to say
There was another day
I pulled myself up from the trenches
I found my way

No longer see the darkness
I only see the light
I just want to see love, think love, be love
For the rest of my life

I’m never going back again
I’m never going back again